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The Start of "On The Edge Of KNIGHT" Series


The Blogs

The Blogs start “On The Edge Of Knight“ journey by providing the reader with a glimpse into the world of Tony Knight and what he is and the demons that plague described in background case information.


Dark Web: infection.

The Dark Web is a mysterious place. You never know who or what is lurking behind obstacles or who or what you will encounter...


Person of Interest: Agent Tony W. Knight

Ok, I’m reading through the files and everything revolves around this agent Tony W. Knight...


The Medical Files: Tony Knight

As I’m going through the case files I’m finding so much information on this agent. I’m seriously wondering, why me? Why give me the files?


Hostile Foreign Entity File: BORRACHO

Borracho is well known in the global media and to the average Columbian citizen as a notorious drug cartel...


Person of Interest: José “El Carnicero” Vásquez

I’m afraid to tell anyone about this because as soon as I say something then I’m going to be just like that WikiLeaks Snowden guy...


What is the “DEEP-STATE”?

I’m currently going through the all the case files I could get my hands on. Which files? You know, the ones about OASIS (Organization of American Secret Intelligence Service)?


The USARA files: United States Advance Research Agency

This is unbelievable! I never knew about USARA; all I knew about before today was DARPA...


The Knight Trilogy

No! No! No! My computer has been taken over again!

Anthony W. Phills
On The Edge Of KNIGHT

A gripping and spellbinding must-read short story adventure blazes on the scene this Fall. It’s a dark story that should be read with the lights on. You are about to experience a new journey in book publishing.

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KNIGHT Showdown
In The City

Episode 1

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The Jungle

Episode 2

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KNIGHT Discovering
The Deep State

Episode 3


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From the minute you meet Tony Knight you know you are in for a thrilling and spellbinding adventure. Travel with Knight to locations in the United States and South America. You will be taken to places where few people go. You will be sucked into encounters that will leave you breathless.

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The Knight Trilogy features infamous, double-dealing, paranoid and even sometimesbenevolent characters. You meet people you hate and people you love. You will cheer for some and jeer for some. One thing is for sure… The Knight Trilogy is never dull!

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Designed to interact with your mind and emotions, The Knight Trilogy reveals its story by taking the reader on an innovative multiple platform storytelling journey. Get your passport ready to travel to the dark side of humanity.

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We created a series of 30 mini Stories which will be delivered over the course of 30 hours for FREE. At the end the reader will have a full digital episode of KNIGHT on mobile.

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Video Shorts

The videos inside KNIGHT Off The Grid gives you a front seat to situations and proposed new technology.

Audio Shorts

Listen to North Korean radio, The Blackouts and music from KAAOS Radio - The Sound Of The Dark Web.

Language Adaptation

Experience the regional languges like Aribic, Korean and Chinese as Knight hacks his way through the Dark Web.

The Blackouts Podcast
Connecting audio to your story.

Knight is trained for death but is afraid to die. “The Blackouts” are reflective. Does a near death experience change a person’s perspective on life?

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Open System

Special agent Knight is lost in a coma, reliving his days in the military through a series of dreams and hallucinations. For all the danger that came with putting on a uniform for his country, he knew who the enemy was. Now, who is friend and who is enemy has been turned upside down. Listen closely as Knight sheds light on his past.


Jaguars At Night

As Knight struggles within the coma that has him trapped in a dream state he wanders into a series of visions from his past. From happier times with the ravishing Dominika to the terrifying reality that he has been poisoned, follow along with Knight through the terrors of jungles, murky waters, giant snakes, and dangerous shaman.


Death As
Mood Form

Special Agent Knight is drifting in and out of his coma his mind begins to put pictures together. People. Missions. The handprint of Special Operations. The stories begin to weave together as he delves deeper into the mystery of Jose…and Dominika. As one memory fades into the next Knight follows the trail of his would be killer into a quiet tributary of the Amazon. Upwards he climbs towards life or more danger?


Gifts Of Love

As Knight struggles to regain consciousness and his mind he relives his dangerous trek through the Amazon and his first meeting with the assassin El Carnicero. His mind flashes back and forth, recounting threads of violence, merging together in a dangerous duel between sanity and death. Knight sees revenge in sight and then watches it retreat into darkness.


Outside The Lines

Knight’s mind is a hive of activity, places, people, and events. As he journeys through his past, searching for a way out of his nightmare we begin to understand the forces that made this dark knight and why he has retreated from the world around him. Will he emerge or fall deeper into the abyss?


Mission Beyond Time

As Knights thoughts begin to shift to happier times his memories of Dominika flood his mind. Sexy, sensual and mysterious, Dominika is able to work her magic on Knight, sweeping him up into a net of luxury, fashion, pleasure and ultimately secrets. Who is the mystery woman, where did she come from?

KAAOS RADIO - The Sound Of The Dark Web
The mixtape series “The Knight Trilogy” is hosted by DJ Black Orchid from KAAOS Radio - The Sound Of The Dark Web.

Readers will be able to listen to some original music created for the Knight Trilogy along with new music from global artists.

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Episode #1 Mixtape

Action-packed trilogy surrounding Knight and his quest to take down the Deep State...

Episode #2 Mixtape

Knight in the Jungle is a nail-biting journey through dangerous jungles and the murky waters of Deep State machinations...

Episode #3 Mixtape

Final showdown between Lopez and Knight. As the two operatives battle it out and what is Dominika’s role?

anthony w. phills
24 Hrs Of Knight: The Assassination - Mini Series

24 Hours of Knight tells the story of an Assassination of a United States Government official. The user is taken through the 24 hours with breathtaking imagery from around the world.


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Multi-Platform Interactive (MPI) is the future of publishing. Combining the best of traditional book authorship with the auditory and visual excitement of song and film, Binge Publishing enables the reader to fully immerse themselves in a fictional world and experience Sight, Sound and Touch of that world through watch, phone, tablet, laptop, and PC.

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Medium: social journalism
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Author & Creator Anthony W. Phills

On The Edge of KNIGHT, Phills introduces new way of storytelling to audiences that combines traditional publishing with that of electronic multi-media. The result is a trilogy that submerges the reader in Knight’s world and invites them to go along and -in some cases- participate in his adventures.

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