Anthony W. Phills

Hiro In The Shadows
The North Korean Files Part 2

“Hiro In The Shadows” is a new short story in the Knight Trilogy series. You will question…is this mind-blowing fiction or is a reflection of the state of our world?

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Hiro In The Shadows

Hirohito Shimazi, an ordinary looking techy lives in the quiet suburbs outside of Tokyo. Hiro’s ordinary persona is a cover and belies his actual clandestine government work…a collaboration to undermine the reconstruction of

North Korea’s nuclear system. Hiro flying off to America to enlist the help of Special Agent Tony Knight; together they attempt to undermine the reconstruction of North Korea's nuclear system until it once more becomes a threat to Asia.

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Hiro In The Shadows

“KNIGHT: Sea On Fire”
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Author & Creator Anthony W. Phills

On The Edge of KNIGHT, Phills introduces new way of storytelling to audiences that combines traditional publishing with that of electronic multi-media. The result is a trilogy that submerges the reader in Knight’s world and invites them to go along and -in some cases- participate in his adventures.

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