Produced by Anthony W. Phills
Anthony Phills

Secret Agent Knight is alive!

Secret Agent Tony Knight the flawed hero in the spellbinding “On The Edge Of Knight” game literally walks out of your phone and into your life.

Designer, author and visual storyteller, Anthony Phills breathes life and dimension into Tony Knight the first secret agent to undergo transformation by applying the complicated technique elements in the computer generated Augmented Reality (AR) platform.

Knight becomes physically real in a very dangerous environment that‘s “augmented” by computer generated sensory input. Phills use of AR literally drops you into Knight’s world where you have the enhanced experience of the actually inhabiting Knight’s world. You’ll feel the danger! You’ll duck to miss a bullet! You’ll escape from the enemy! Augmented reality brings you into Knight’s perceived real world. Be prepared to be amazed!

  • Open the KNIGHT Augmented Reality app
  • Point your device’s camera at the poster image below, either by printing out the poster or by pointing your device’s camera at it on a second screen (if you’re viewing this page on your mobile device, open it again on a computer desktop, another mobile device, etc.)



  • Navigate by tapping the right and left arrows to choose different animations for KNIGHT
  • Tap to Play and view the animation (featuring sound)
  • Enjoy the KNIGHT AR app’s, and pass on what you have learned: share your photos and videos using #KnightAR!

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